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100 random things about me March 14, 2010

Posted by phoenixhopes in randomness, thoughts.

1. I was born in Santa Rosa, CA.

2. My middle name is Elizabeth.

3. When I was about 4 I went through a very short phase where I wanted to be called Beth because it was the only part of my name I could spell.

4. I lived in the same house my entire childhood.

5. Since moving away from my childhood home I’ve had 9 different addresses.

6. I’m the youngest of 4 children – Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl

7. Being the youngest has its advantages — I can remember getting some privileges at the same time my older sister did. She is 7 years older than me.

8. I have 4 children — Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy

9. The most intense love I’ve ever experienced has been towards my children.

10. Parenting my oldest was a huge experiment that seems to have worked well.

11. I don’t think parenting girls is easier than boys, or parenting boys is easier than girls. Parenting is a challenge and each child is challenging in different ways.

12. Each child is also a joy in different ways.

13. I don’t have a favorite color, number or food.

14. It might be more accurate to say I have many favorite foods — Cardamon Rolls, Lindt Lindor Truffles, Pizza, Mashed Potatoes, Spicy Turkey, dead ripe Peaches, Apple Butter, Fresh Bread.

15. I’ve never smoked anything.

16. I learned to drive a stick shift in San Francisco. Driving a truck. OK, it was a little Toyota truck but still a truck.

17. San Francisco is my favorite city and I miss it very much. Maybe someday I’ll get to visit again.

18. Sometimes I watch TV shows or movies simply because they are set in San Francisco.

19. For the most part I like living in the Midwest but the horizon is boring and it’s too far from the Ocean.

20. I watch more TV than I like to admit.

21. I’ve been knitting so much lately that my hands hurt. I think it’s because I’m using small needles.

22. I’m about half way through knitting my first sock. I’ve attempted socks before but they didn’t turn out well. Too big. Too small. Too wonky. I think this one will work and I’m starting to get excited.

23. I’m an introvert. This is often confused with shyness and I’m not shy.

24. I have really big and wide feet and have a hard time finding shoes that are both good-looking and comfortable.

25. I choose comfortable shoes over good-looking.

26. I never ever wear high heels and rarely wear any heels at all.

27. I’ve never had a pedicure.

28. Or a manicure.

29. Every day I try to knit a little and read a little.

30. Last month I sent and received over 1200 text messages.

31. My favorite season is Spring.

32. I seriously dislike going to the Dentist.

33. I often wonder how my life would have turned out if I would have zigged instead of zagged.

34. I once thought about becoming vegetarian but realized I really like meat too much to give it up.

35. I take the train to work every day and use the time to knit and read.

36. I tried internet dating — it’s not for me. I know people who met their love online and married but most of the men I met were just plain weird.

37. I’m older than my mother was when she died. Every day I remember how short life is and hope I’m not frittering away my time.

38. I have mountains of books waiting to be read and still can’t resist the siren song of a library book sale.

39. I love Thursday night TV on NBC.

40. I have a hard time shaking off some of the negative experiences I’ve lived through.

41. I never finished my college degree and often think about going back to school. The cost is one hurdle to overcome but more than that I’m afraid of failure. What if I’m not up to the work?  How can I balance school and a job? Am I ready for homework?

42. Netflix is my friend.

43. My first car was a Plymouth Duster

44. I stayed married longer than I should have because I believed two lies — “Good Christians don’t get divorced” and “Even a bad father is better than no father”. I wonder how much pain could have been saved if I realized those were lies.

45. I didn’t realize I was capable of hating anyone as much as I once hated my ex.

46. I don’t regret marrying him because without that unique combination of genes, the wonderful young people I know as my children would never have come into existence.

47. Sometimes I feel like a failure as a mother.

48. There are 114 subscriptions on my blog reader. Most of the time I just skim through the blogs but when I have the time and mental energy I like to go back and really read them.

49. I don’t like the semi-annual time change.

50. My ‘guilty pleasure’ TV includes Cops and Lockup.

51. I started wearing glasses the year I turned 30 and got bifocals the year I turned 40.

52. It’s almost St Patrick’s day and I still have Christmas decorations in my living room.

53. I am really, Really bad at remembering actors names or the movies they were in. “You know, that guy… he was in that movie where he fell in love with that girl…”

54. I’m even worse with names of songs and who sings them. If I’m lucky I might get the genre or timeframe correct.

55. I first memorized my home phone number using an EXchange word instead of the first two numbers – Liberty-5-5582

56. I’m pretty competitive but try to keep that side hidden. Sometimes I’d rather not play at all then open myself to the possibility that I might lose.

57. I tend to have long, drawn out, vaguely philosophical discussions in my head at all times.

58. I can eat an entire box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in one setting.

59. I like trying new recipes.

60. I find it easier to cook for ten than for two.

61. I prefer an electric toothbrush.

62. I wish I could afford multiple pairs of  Birkenstocks.

63. The first cup of coffee each morning is heaven.

64. Although I’m a bit of a coffee snob, I drink the free stuff at work without complaining. Mostly because I don’t really think of it as coffee — it’s warm, flavored liquid that supplies some caffeine.

65. I don’t like Starbucks and wish there were more independent coffee shops.

66. I am the opposite of sure-footed.

67.  I’m disenchanted with church and Christianity but haven’t abandoned my faith in God.

68.  I first got online in the late 80’s with a 1200 baud dial-up modem and Prodigy.

69. I doubt I’ll ever own my own house again.

70. If you can’t make your point without resorting to yelling, name calling and character assassination, then you haven’t made your point.

71. It’s better to be single than to wish you were.

72. Chocolate is an essential food group.

73. I’m an INFP on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (sometimes I come out as INTP).

74. I hate to be late but I frequently am.

75. Naps are an important part of Sunday afternoons.

76. I rarely remember my dreams. The ones I do remember are vivid and timely and stick with me a long time.

77. I love sourdough bread.

78. I don’t mind washing dishes, but I don’t like putting them away.

79. My cat is slightly neurotic, but doesn’t that describe all cats?

80. I haven’t ridden a bicycle in longer than I can remember. 15 years? 20?

81. I graduated high school in 1976 celebrating the school centennial and the country’s bicentennial.

82. You couldn’t pay me enough to live my teenage years over again.

83. Although our government is not perfect, I believe it is more good than bad.

84. I love grilled cheese sandwiches.

85. Choosing to have chocolate cake for dinner is one of the perks of being a grown-up.

86. People seem to think that I am strong and confident but I know that it is largely an act.

87. I’ve always been surrounded by musicians — first my brother, now my very talented kids. I see myself as musical but not a musician.

88. If I had a spare $300 I’d buy one of these and roast my own coffee. I’ve roasted coffee on the stove and using a air popcorn popper. One of these would be sweet because it has a smoke reduction feature and can be used indoors.

89. I don’t like green bell peppers and will pick them off my pizza.

90. My car radio buttons are set to three different NPR stations.

91. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Love the food but love the time with family more.

92. I don’t have a passport. The only time I’ve spent outside the US  is a day in Victoria, British Columbia when I was 4 and a few hours in Tijuana, Mexico when I was 8.

92. I’ve already started thinking about what I want to make for Christmas presents this year.

93. I’ve visited at least 26 states but all I’ve seen of some of them is the Interstate.

94. The only bones I’ve broken have been toes.

95. I often bring my camera but rarely use it.

96. A deep breath and counting to 10 really can thwart an argument.

97. I love babies and am looking forward to grandchildren someday.

98. I have a lot of questions but I don’t like it when someone tells me the answers. I prefer to talk through my questions and reason out the answers together.

99. I know that not all questions even have answers.

100. Making this list was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be!