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A little college visit February 9, 2013

Posted by phoenixhopes in College, Kids, parenting, snow.
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I’m back home from a college visit trip downstate with my youngest son. One would think that after four children I’d have this college search thing down pat but nope, this is a first for me. My oldest two started with Community College, and for one, that was enough to meet his needs. My middle son wasn’t interested in college right after high school — maybe sometime in the future, but not now. We’re in the middle of short visits, auditions (he wants to major in voice), comparing options, considering offers, thinking about finances… it’s all very exhausting.

I live a little over an hour north of my son and planned to drive down after work to spend the night at his place on Thursday. What happened was we had the worst storm of the winter start Thursday morning. By one o’clock we had at least two inches of snow so I asked my boss if it was alright if I left early as long as I made up the time over the weekend. Thankfully she agreed. As I posted Thursday evening, that was without a doubt, one of the most stressful drives in my life. The snow was wet and heavy and slushy. Plows were running, but the snow was coming down fast so unless you were right behind a plow (and I was not), you were driving in slush. At times the snowflakes coming at me were the size of fists. The drive took a bit more than twice as long as normal, but I made it… exhausted but also rather proud of myself. It wasn’t too long ago that I was afraid to drive in even the lightest snow and a storm like this one would have had me in tears.

By morning the snow had stopped and streets were very clear. Bright and early we headed out on our three hour trip downstate. Marc and his friend explored the campus, felt great about their auditions, and dreamed about being college students. We were given tickets to hear the University Symphony (Awesome!) and didn’t get back on the road until late. I stayed another night in Chicago as it was just too late to keep driving.

The drive home today was beautiful. The trees were still covered in thick snow and were absolutely breathtaking. Every once in a while I would see a clump of snow fall from a branch so I know this beauty won’t last long, especially if we get the freezing rain predicted for tonight

Antioch Snow

The cat was not pleased about my absence.Kitty Face

I’m happy to be home and sleeping in my own bed tonight.