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In which I resort to hyperbole April 1, 2008

Posted by phoenixhopes in Consumerism, Shopping.

Today is the first day of my personal buy nothing challenge and I failed miserably. I may not be able to recover from this. I’m thinking I should just admit defeat and give up now. I’m sure I can find a 24 hour WalMart somewhere and I’ll just go empty my checkbook and get it over with.

I started out ok and brought some yogurt to work for breakfast. I keep a box of granola in a desk drawer and like to sprinkle some on the yogurt. I didn’t buy the made-to-order scrambled eggs, or even succumb to a bagel and juice from the work cafeteria. One gold star to add to my chart. Then, midmorning, I needed to walk away from my desk. If I didn’t, it wouldn’t have been pretty. I asked a co-worker to take a little walk so I could vent and that ‘little walk’ was to head downstairs to Starbucks. It’s pretty convenient having a Starbucks right in the building, but it’s also mighty tempting. I’m not fond of their coffee straight, but a Caramel Macchiotto can certainly brighten my day. And brighten my day it did, except for the twinges of guilt I was trying to ignore.

I had meetings over lunch and was too busy to visit the cafeteria. I try to keep some quick non-perishables in my desk and resorted to a cup of ramen in the afternoon. Not great, but it kept me away from the vending machines.

In the evening it was Youth Group Night. My youngest goes to a group 18 miles from home – too far to drive back and forth – so I need to find something to occupy my time. Often the Middle Boy accompanies me and we spend at least an hour hanging out in Caribou Coffee. Reading, knitting, talking, not doing homework, sometimes working on the laptop. I look forward to the time with him and do not begrudge the price of a decaf mocha (for me) or a coffee cooler (for him). Today he started Spring Marching Band and so I was on my own.

We’re almost out of toilet paper and that’s one thing I do NOT want to run out of, so I steeled myself and went into Target. And bought stuff:

  • 20 roll pack of TP
  • 8 Thank You cards for people at work
  • 2 pkgs of pre-mixed tuna salad to keep at work
  • 2 boxes of granola (with blueberries) from the clearance rack
  • A small notebook that I need for work

So far I’m feeling OK. Yeah, I could have only grabbed the TP (which was on sale, by the way) and left everything else, but I have a definite use and “need” for the cards and notebook. The cards will go out to the Team tomorrow and I’ve already started using the notebook. But then there was this:

A really cute pair of shoes. Oh sigh. I am soooo NOT a “cute shoes” kind of girl. Give me my Birkies and I’m happy. I wear the same pair of black dressy shoes until they fall apart. I’ve worn the same sandals for the last 3 summers. It’s not so much that I’m frugal in this area or trying to make some sort of statement (although I just can’t quite rationalize spending big bucks on shoes), I’m just not that into shoes. Give me comfort and I’m happy. Plus there’s the fact that my feet are long and wide and I’m just plain hard to fit. Mostly I don’t even look at shoes because it’s just too disappointing. But today…. They must have just received a shipment as there were many, many size 11’s in stock. Wide ones even. And I found these cute flowery flats that would look great with my black pants or maybe that spring green skirt in the back of my closet. And they were on sale.

So, day one and I blew it at Starbucks and with the shoes. I am a total and abject failure and I may not recover (this would be a good time to refer to the subject line).