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2013 Bucket List January 4, 2013

Posted by phoenixhopes in Bucket List, Creating, Knitting, New Years.
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I don’t like New Year’s Resolutions. Overall they seem like a negative thing, like I’m defining the person I think I should be instead of being the one I already am. I refuse to make a list of goals I’ll never meet. Making that list seems like an excellent way to feel bad about myself and think I’m a failure. Is there anyone who honestly keeps their Resolutions?

Instead I’m making a 2013 Bucket List. These are all things I want to do or learn. The Bucket List is simply a way to keep track of them and help make sure I make some progress over the year.

  1. Learn to make delicious Gluten Free Sandwich Bread. I’ve been GF for two years now. The first year my focus was on cleaning up my diet and finding replacements as appropriate. The next year I tried and was successful with some great baking recipes. The Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares in Gluten Free on a Shoestring is so delicious even my wheat-eating co-workers ask me to bring it on food days. I’ve made some acceptable cookies and awesome cobbler. But so far sandwich bread that tastes remotely like “real” bread has eluded me. This year, I’ll figure it out.
  2. Spin enough yarn to make something and then make that something. June 2011 I took a drop spindle class and absolutely loved it. The magic of knitting — using sticks and string to make something useful and/or beautiful — amazes me. Now I can take wool and turn that into string and then make something beautiful! Except I haven’t followed through with that. I’ve purchased some roving to play with but it hasn’t come near my spindle. This year, it will happen.
  3. Get a Passport. I don’t have plans to go anywhere (yet) but I want to be ready when the opportunity arises. A Passport is the first step on an unknown adventure.
  4. Attend WI-UMW School of Missions. I was able to go last year and it was life changing. I loved the classes and making connections with other like-minded women in my state. I’m making going again this year a priority and hope to drag some other women from church along with me.

There are definitely more things I plan to do in 2013 — I have long lists of projects to do, places to go, people to see — but nothing else I feel strongly enough to commit to publishing. It’s going to be an exciting year!