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The Dentist February 17, 2009

Posted by phoenixhopes in Dentist.
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I loathe the dentist.  I would rather do just about anything else than to pay a visit to the dentist, including chewing mainly on the left side of my mouth because of the broken tooth on the on the right.  My dislike goes way beyond the rational and is a few steps on the way to being a real phobia. A few years ago I had to really concentrate and talk myself out of having a panic attack while sitting in the waiting room.  I hate everything about it — the smells, the sounds, the tastes, everything. And apparently, I’ve passed this loathing on to at least one of my children.

There have been spurts of time when I was very diligent about getting my kids in for their semi-annual visits and slightly less diligent about getting myself there. My older kids had a fun dentist when they were young, complete with free video games in the waiting room. Occasionally they’d ask when they got to go to the dentist again because it was so much fun (I wonder if they remember asking that!). Then our insurance changed or the office closed or I had more children and became more distracted and less diligent or who knows why and we went less regularly. Moving cross country threw off a lot of things and in the eleven years we’ve been in the Midwest our lives have been in such chaos at times that going to the dentist just wasn’t a priority.

I know my mouth needs work and lots of it. I have all my teeth (except for the wisdom teeth pulled when I was 18) but I’m fairly certain that each tooth has some sort of filling in it. My molars are especially bad with large fillings placed when I was a teenager. I also grind my teeth at night and the added pressure has caused some of my molars to break.

Just in case no one has noticed, I’m here to inform you that dental work is expensive. The last time I checked (3+ years ago) it would cost me $5,000 plus to get the necessary work done –and that was after insurance paid their part! I simply didn’t have that money to spend so avoided the dentist a little longer.

Today was the day I forced myself to get the process started again. Exam Day. X-Rays. Latex covered fingers poking around in my mouth. Clenched stomach. Deep breaths. Pretending to be calm.

I get a Treatment Plan in a few weeks when I go back for a cleaning. I’ll have to take it slowly because that’s the only way I can afford to finance the work. Hopefully this dentist doesn’t get too frustrated with that and pressure me to get more done than I can manage.  I have two weeks to practise relaxation techniques and figure out how much money I can afford to throw at this right now.

Wish me luck.