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My Crowded Brain May 19, 2007

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My brain is crowded. Filled with dreams, ponderings, books to read or those I’ve finished, music, worries, plans. Filled with little bits of lots of things. Jack of all trades and master of none. Filled with memories, good and bad. Filled with work, with deadlines. Filled with poetry and stories. Filled with pictures of my children, with their love, dreams for their future. Filled with quilts I wish I could make.

Every corner of my brain is stuffed to overflowing and there’s no room for anything new. Incredibly, every day, more is added. I wish I could pick and choose what fills my brain, clean it out like I clean my closets. Remove the ill-fitting dreams and worn out worries. Sweep the corners and organize the memories like pictures in an album. Instead I’m a packrat gathering information. I’m a bag lady with my shopping cart overflowing with unrelated bits.

How do I clear my head and focus? How do I learn to quiet the constant soundtrack and learn to rest? From the moment the alarm blasts me awake until my last moment of conscienceness I’m rehearsing my lists, following my rabbit trails, making plans, dreaming dreams. Where is the calm, the peace? My brain is crowded.